"Call me Roark the Rock!"
Gender Male
Eye Colour Cordovan
Hair Colour Cordovan
Hometown Oreburgh City
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Byron (father),
Underground Man (grandfather),
Unnamed Mother
Trainer Class Gym Leader
Generation IV
Games Diamond,Pearl,Platinum
Leader of Oreburgh Gym
Badge Coal Badge
Speciality Type Rock
Anime Debut "The Shapes of Things to Come!"
English Voice Actor Craig Blair,
Zoe Martin (child)
Japanese Voice Actor Masataka Azuma,
Satsuki Yukimo (child)

Roark is the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City. He hands out the Coal Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He specialises in Rock-Types. His father, Byron, is the Gym Leader of Canalave City.

Pokemon Edit


SpriteHyouta RoarkPlatinum VSRoark
Roark's sprite from
Diamond and Pearl
Roark's sprite from
Roark's VS sprite from


Oreburgh Mine

"OK, stand back and watch this. Using the hidden move Rock Smash, a boulder blocking your way... (boulder gets broken to pieces) Fallen boulders need to be smashed so they're out of the way. If you could get the Badge from the Gym in town, you'd be able to do this too. Of course, you'd have to beat the Gym Leader first. That'd be me!"

Oreburgh Gym

  • Before battle
"Welcome! This is the Oreburgh Pokémon Gym! I'm Roark, the Gym Leader! I'm but one Trainer who decided to walk proudly with Rock-type Pokémon! As the Gym Leader, I need to see your potential as a trainer. And, I'll need to see the toughness of the Pokémon that battle with you!"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"Think you can take down the next Pokémon like you did earlier?"
  • During battle
"No way! Not yet! Not giving up!"
  • When defeated
"W-what? That can't be! My buffed-up Pokémon!"
  • After being defeated
"This is embarrassing... I went and lost to a Trainer who didn't have a single Gym Badge... But that's tough. You were strong and I was weak. That's all there is. According to Pokémon League rules, I have to give you our Gym Badge since you've beaten me, the Leader. Here's your official Pokémon League Coal Badge."
"In this region of Sinnoh, there are seven other Gym Leaders. I should warn you — they're a lot tougher than I am!"

The Underground

"Hey! <player>! Is this maybe your first time here? Welcome to Sinnoh's Underground! Huh? Where is this, you ask? Doesn't the Radar make it obvious? This is a giant underground network of passages underneath Sinnoh. Huh? What I am doing down in this expanse of a place? That's kind of hard to answer. I mean, you can pretty much anything you want down here. For instance, you can dig up Treasure, Spheres, and make a Secret Base. You can play with your friends down here, too. You should talk to the Underground Man in Eterna City. I have to get going now. I'll see you around!"


"If it were me, I'd like to put a Fossil over there. You don't think so? No? I think a Fossil would match this decor."
"The Underground extends even underneath the Resort Area. I wonder... If I really tried, would I be able to extend it to even places like Kanto and Johto?"
"What I think about while digging underground...What did the Pokémon see before they became Fossils? I'd love to go back and see them as they were back then."
Oreburgh gym

The Oreburgh Gym as it appears in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

30px-Coal Badge

The Coal Badge