Sinnoh League Gym Leaders
"Master of Vivid Plant Pokemon!"
Gender Female
Eye Colour Orange
Hair Colour Orange and Black
Hometown Eterna City
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Unknown
Trainer Class Gym Leaders
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
Leader of Eterna Gym
Badge Forest Badge
Speciality Type Grass-Types
Anime Debut "The Grass-Type is Always Greener!"
English Voice Actor Lara Star Rigores
Japanese Voice Actor Chieko Honda

Gym LeadersEdit

  • Roark of Oreburgh City (Rock/Coal Badge)
  • Gardenia of Eterna City (Grass/Forest Badge)
  • Maylene of Veilstone City (Fighting/Cobble Badge)
  • Crasher Wake of Pastoria City (Water/Fen Badge)
  • Fantina of Hearthome City (Ghost/Relic Badge)
  • Byron of Canalave City (Steel/Mine Badge)
  • Candice of Snowpoint City (Ice/Icicle Badge)
  • Volkner of Sunyshore City (Electric/Beacon Badge)
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